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Which one of these seven directors are you?

By November 8, 2015Screenwriting IQ

What kind of filmmaker are you?

In other words, who the hell are you? And for that matter, who the hell are you to even think about making a short? Let’s see, you’re a member of the human race in the year 2015. Everyone on Earth has access to some kind of device that records events. Members of your species spend about 70% of their time reviewing recorded material on said devices. Lots of times, this material is atrocious or god-awful (but people watch it anyway).

AlfredHitchcock Film making

However, you see a higher meaning in this freedom of expression. You want to say something. You want to make a film that is unique. You want to direct something, dare I say, transcendent. You know you have the filmmaker instinct in you, but how do you get your vision out and share it with audiences? We know it’s in you too, how do we know? Because there are seven freaks of nature, a.k.a seven directing styles.

What seven freaks am I talking about?

There are seven directing styles. What inspires you? Are you motivated by plot or characters? Do you get excited writing dialogue or prefer rich filmmaking imagery? Chances are, your filmmaking style fits one of these seven directing types. Which one are you?

StevenSpielberg Film making

Which of these seven directing styles fits you the most? Read on to find out…

*Seven directing styles is taken from Norith Soth’s book, “Cut the Eyeball,” Learn how to write a short script that best translates your directing vision, along with other filmmaking tips available on Amazon.

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