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Which one of these seven directors are you? The Pragmatic - Short Script Gods
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Which one of these seven directors are you? The Pragmatic

By November 13, 2015Screenwriting IQ

Are you “The Pragmatic” Filmmaker?

You’re dying to make a film, but you don’t have anything. Except three room mates, a toaster, a microwave oven, and two suits. Oh wait, now that you think of it, your Uncle has a liquor store and the subway your ride to and from work has no security guard. Speaking of work, you have the keys to the office where you work, and only the janitor shows up at night. His name is Clyde.





Wait a minute, you do have something! Many somethings!

  • Roommates
  • Toaster
  • Suit
  • A subway
  • An office
  • And of course Clyde

You can’t wrap a short film around that? Ever heard of a guy by the name of George Lucas?

Young George Lucas was a Pragmatic

George had this crazy idea that you could make “a futuristic movie using existing stuff.” His opportunity came when USC asked him to teach a film class to members of the US Navy (an icky obligation. Navy students had rigid ideas and misbehaved in class).

But young Lucas’ eyes lit up when he learned the Navy paid for unlimited film and lab processing costs for their students! BINGO! Lucas green lit his own short and made his Naval students the cast and crew of his short, “Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB.”


Plus, the US Navy affiliation granted him access to locations at LAX, the Van Nuys Airport, the USC Computer Center and other very forbidden places that looked futuristic. Most of the shooting was done on nights and weekends. And indeed, the short film that catapulted George Lucas’ career was made. We all pretty much know what happened next. All because Lucas was privy to what he could use from his environment and maximizing the technology of the time, like this genius.

It’s time to call up Clyde.

Famous Pragmatics: Robert Rodriguez (“Bedhead”), Jean-Luc Godard (“Operation Beton”), Francis Coppola (“The Two Christophers”).

Not feeling this pragmatic thing? Then maybe you fit the stylings of “The Comic Genius“…

*Seven directing styles is taken from Norith Soth’s book, “Cut the Eyeball,” Learn how to write a short script that best translates your directing vision, along with other filmmaking tips available on Amazon.

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