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Which one of these seven directors are you? The Dialogue Diva

By November 15, 2015Screenwriting IQ

The Dialogue Diva

You’ve probably written your short, but it’s like 53 pages long. And all dialogue. Quentin Tarantino is one of the few geniuses working in cinema today, but the worse influence in cinema history. He does it so well, everyone and their mother thinks they can write tons of dialogue. But you don’t care, you still love writing dialogue (if you were in a mental hospital, you’d just write dialogue on walls with your own feces). You can’t even see the 5 page script you intended to write, because it’s buried in weeds of dialogue.




A person deeply in love with their own dialogue may not understand that dialogue divas like Tarantino or Judd Apatow are genre filmmakers. They pick their genre, then wrap miles of dialogue around it. In Tarantino and Apatow films, there’s usually lots of tension as a result of genre commitment. Both of these guys employ “The Secret Mystery” or “The Forbidden Love” (a benefit of genre commitment). You will learn about these devices and thus your golden dialogue will have a wonderful sheen, like Martin McDonagh’s Oscar winning short, “Six Shooter.”


Famous Dialogue Divas: Spike Lee (“Joe’s Bed Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads”), Eric Rhomer (“Journal d’un scélérat”), Sofia Coppola (“Lick The Star”).

Do you prefer the visual over dialogue? Or perhaps your inspirations originate elsewhere… when the muse visits, is she simply a reflection of yourself in the mirror? If so, you may be a “Self Muse” filmmaker – read on to find out.


*Seven directing styles is taken from Norith Soth’s book, “Cut the Eyeball,” Learn how to write a short script that best translates your directing vision, along with other filmmaking tips available on Amazon.

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  • Sommer Medford says:

    OK! I think I’ve discovered my filmmaking type – I absolutely LOVE dialogue, especially long scenes with tons of dialogue so I guess I’m a dialogue diva 🙂

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