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Rainer Werner Fassbinder Movies - Jailbait - I Can't Believe it's on YouTube
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I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube! Fassbinder’s Jailbait

By November 18, 2015Reviews

Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “JAILBAIT”

*Note: Since posting two-years ago, JAILBAIT has been yanked from YouTube. Of all Rainer Werner Fassbinder movies, JAILBAIT is one to seek out.

50,000 movies are made a year.    But what excites me most is what I find without warning on YouTube, simply by typing a search.  It’s like making a wish.  Recently, I longed for…

“Rainer Werner Fassbinder best films: Jailbait”

The story:  A 16 year old  girl dates an 21 year old guy.  Her Dad finds out and gets the boyfriend locked up in jail.  When boyfriend is released from prison, teenage girl is forbidden to see him.


So what happens?  Teenage girl sees boyfriend so much, she is impregnated by him.  Unable to tell her father, she instead plans on murdering him.

Why you should see it: Rainer Werner Fassbinder is one of the greatest directors of all time. Watching this film, I finally understood what makes a great director.  When a story is told so well, you don’t know who to root for.  The teenage girl, the father, the boyfriend, the mother.  So, you root for everyone.


But not everyone can win.  The audience is therefore torn apart waiting for tragedy to happen.  A train wreck in slow motion, “Jailbait” is one gut-wrenching film no one would have the balls or skill to make today.  I’ve actually scoured the Earth looking for this movie. I can’t believe this cinema gem is on YouTube! Watch it before it’s removed (Flash-forward to: 2017 – Rainer Werner Fassbinder movies don’t stay on YouTube for long; this flick has been removed from YouTube, sorry!)

Written by: Norith Soth


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