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I Can't Believe it's on YouTube! Style Wars - Short Script Gods
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I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube! Style Wars

By November 22, 2015Reviews


“Style Wars”, Directed by: Tony Silver

When I was little kid, I used to draw on walls.  And then, my parents used to beat the crap out of me.  Then, they’d both spend a lot of time wiping my drawings off the walls.  The “Style Wars” movie is an awesome flick about the graffiti artists of the ’80s circa New York City who did what I did, but with much graver consequences and greater results.


These hit and run artists were chased by Mayor Koch, the NYPD, and the subway people.  Hated by the community.  Told that their work was ugly and nuisance to the public, these artists didn’t give a shit and did it anyway.  Their work was constantly wiped out and yet, they risked life and limb to continue doing their graffiti.


Why check this out?  It’s a documentary shot on 16mm.  It looks awesome.  It’s amazingly edited.  You get everyone’s point of view.  The graffiti artists and the authorities chasing them.  There’s a fun mother and son interview.  I’ve never seen this in a doc before.  Both are in the same frame, arguing opposite points.  Mom is totally against her graffiti thug son.  He disagrees.  He keeps telling her she doesn’t get it, she knows nothing about his world.


Check out this world.  I Can’t Believe the Style Wars full move is on YouTube.  Watch “Style Wars” graffiti documentary directed by Tony Silver before the NYPD removes it.

For more art documentaries from NYC when it was awesome, check out The Responsive Eye.

Written by Norith Soth

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