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I Can't Believe it's on YouTube! The Fountain of Youth - Short Script Gods
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I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube! The Fountain of Youth

By January 1, 2016Reviews

Story: Based on a short story by John Collier, “The Fountain of Youth” is the pilot episode to The Orson Welles Show. The story follows a narcissistica actress, a narcissistico tennis star, and an embittered scientist who has concocted the elixir to eternal youth. But there’s a catch – there is only enough of the elixir for one.


Why Watch It: Orson Welles narrates. Orson Welles wrote it. Orson Welles directed it. Orson Welles produced it. Orson Welles set designed it. Orson Welles arranged the music. Talk about narcissism, Orson Welles was in love with himself – and rightly so. War of the Worlds at 23. Citizen Kane at 25. O.W. was a force of nature, did you see what he did to the Christmas prime rib?


Watch this incredible 27 minute masterpiece and glimpse into television that could-have-been. That’s right, sadly “The Orson Welles Show” didn’t get picked up. At least we have this pilot episode, executive produced by Desi Arnaz under Lucille Ball’s production company. After viewing this short, I guarantee that if you were in possession of one vial of the elixir for eternal youth, you would have offered it up to Orson Welles so he could go on making films forever. Of course, you’d need to come up with another elixir so O.W. could find a way of collaborating with Hollywood egos. A fountain of youth seems a lot more likely than the latter.


Written by: Mich Medvedoff

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