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Coming Soon? Hoffman as Mr. Peanut

By January 3, 2016Cinema Satire


“Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Peanut?”

Who is everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic peanut? Mr. Peanut, of course. And word is Mr. Dustin Hoffman will don the spats, white gloves, top hat, monocle, and cane in his next film, “Gone Peanuts”.


We were surprised that Robert Downey Jr., who cracked Mr. Peanut’s voice in 2010 for the fun holiday commercials did not snag the role. However, insiders begrudgingly revealed that this Plantars’ flick will be reminiscent of Mr. Hoffman’s, “The Graduate”. It seems a sexy Mrs. Walnut character aims to seduce and de-shell our gentleman.


What do you say, readers? Is this a fine snack or plain nuts?

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