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Coming Soon? Ryan Reynolds as Ken - Short Script Gods
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Coming Soon? Ryan Reynolds as Ken

By January 7, 2016Cinema Satire

Coming off comic-action flick Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is rumored to be bound to another work of fiction: playing the role of Mattel’s Ken Doll.

Execs are tight-lipped about the studio’s next plaything. We’ve done a bit of digging to delve into the logistics of such a project. Much discussion has been made of Barbie’s unrealistic physique. Women are compelled to follow in Barbie’s footsteps (18 inch waist and size 3 shoe); however, the Ken doll hasn’t been comparably measured up.



For the first time, Ryan Reynolds will attempt to subscribe to the Ken doll’s proportions. In a nutshell, if Ken were humanely sized, Reynolds will need to be 20 inches taller, add eight inches to his neck circumference, and 11 inches to his chest. For male readers who don’t measure up to the Ken standard, you may find comfort in that you have one… ahem, “thing” Ken doesn’t have…

Thanks to special effects, Ryan Reynolds will not need to “go there” in the genitalia department. An added benefit to being a real human, Reynolds will be able to move his head in more directions than left and right.

Is this film in the works or will it remain on our wish list? Time will tell…


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