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I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube! The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes

By January 14, 2016Reviews

The Story: A 47 minute documentary about teenage boy who has no eyes but with the unbending will of his mother understands he can see with his other four senses.

Why You Should See It: This is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever seen. A boy loses his eyes to cancer. His mother tells him,”you can still see, just not with your eyes.” The boy grows up WITHOUT EYES but does everything a normal person can do — like ride his bike and play video games (and beats his opponents at it?).


The mother — perhaps the greatest mother I’ve ever seen — never demonstrates weakness to her son. She cries secretly in her bedroom. But in front of her boy, she only tells him that he can keep doing anything he wants. This kid LEARNS how to utilize sound like a bat or submarine. Self-taught.

Meanwhile, the kids at his high school don’t even know he is blind (he wears fake eyeballs). The BOY WHO SEES WITHOUT EYES insists he is not like the “other blind kids” who need crutches, wheelchairs, etc. He’s almost prejudice against the helpless blind kids. He is intent on doing what normal kids do. Such as, riding his bike to school.


The next time you complain that your iPhone is not working, or your car is not working, or whatever, you need to fire up this documentary and realize what a Prima donna you are. This kid is what we should aspire to be. The best version of ourselves.


Sadly, after my girlfriend and I finished this doc, we did a search on the boy and found out he passed away at around 18 (the cancer came back). But you know what, his life will forever affect me. By existing to his maximum abilities, THE BOY WHO SEES WITHOUT EYES will forever radiate the kind of positive energy that gives me hope about the human race. Thank you, BOY WHO SEES WITHOUT EYES. I Can’t Believe I Can See You on YouTube!

Written by: Norith Soth

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