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I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube! Billy Wilder Interview

By January 22, 2016Reviews


Story: Hollywood Legend, in this Billy Wilder interview, Billy rants about the corporate disease eating his beloved film industry.


Why You Should Listen to It: The writer/director of great films like “The Apartment,” “Sunset Boulevard”, “Some Like It Hot” and my personal favorite “Kiss Me, Stupid” engages in a rare interview about why he’s unemployed.



Perhaps the most clever and witty screenwriter of all time, it’s first of all almost shocking to hear Wilder’s thick, immigrant accent.  How can a guy who struggles to speak English this much have written the juiciest dialogue in Hollywood history? Everyone has heard of Billy Wilder films.


You learn why during this interview.  When the master demonstrates his gift for metaphors.  He says being a filmmaker today (1978) is awful, comparing it to being a fighter pilot, who is asked to not only be a good fighter pilot, but to be responsible for building the engine, painting the plane, raising the money for the plane, and numerous other responsibilities that makes it impossible to be a good fighter pilot.  The excessive demands are simply no atmosphere for a fighter pilot wants to dogfight really well.


Wilder speaks fondly of the good old days, when studio heads, even though they were tyrannical assholes, were only concerned about good stories above all else.  This engaging discussion is a Windex-sharp crystal ball into the 2016 sucky state of movies.

Written by: Norith Soth

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