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I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube! Derren Brown’s Seance

By February 11, 2016Reviews

I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube! Derren Brown’s Seance

Story: A magician hosts a seance to a group of Londoners in a space where many deaths happened.

Why You Should See It: I’ve written about Derren Brown before, and this won’t be the last time. This guy is the only TV personality that utilizes the reality show medium to study the human condition — usually demonstrating how naive and suggestible ANYONE is.


In this program, you will believe Derren Brown has conjured ghosts, no matter how much you tell yourself this is not real. And I’m telling you right now, none of it is real. It doesn’t matter. This guy will bring ghosts into the room. You will feel haunted from wherever you watch this — home, office, restaurant.

This guy will enter your mind and not even let go of it after the show is over. Dare to watch it. Only on YouTube.

Written by: Norith Soth

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