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Breaches of Reality - The Dark Knight Rises - Short Script Gods
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Breaches of Reality – The Dark Knight Rises

By February 12, 2016Reviews

Breaches of Reality – The Dark Knight Rises


About 40 minutes in, we know Bane is a really scary powerful terrorist, and we also know Batman is over the hill and frail. The first time these two guys meet, Batman is in a multi-million dollar jet that could take out half a city and Bane is standing on a rooftop. All Batman has to do is fire. End of movie. But what happens next is…

… a breach of reality!

Batman just flies away. And the next time they meet, Bane beats the living shit out of Batman. And he deserves every punch, kick, slap because he did something no one would ever do. He had the most evil person on Earth in his cross-hairs and just said, “I’ll take care of this guy later.” Batman desperately deserved a broken back.

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Written by: Norith Soth

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