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Breaches of Reality - MUD - Short Script Gods
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Breaches of Reality – MUD

By February 13, 2016Script Advice

Breaches of Reality – MUD


In Mud, there was a breach right out of the gate. McConaughey is Mud, a guy hiding out on the Arkansas River. Although he’s a wanted man, he certainly isn’t a fugitive from whitening toothpaste or Crest Clear Strips. I’m shocked those two boys – Neckbone and whoever – didn’t see Mud’s pearly whites sparkling like a lighthouse off shore.

That’s why four out of five dentists recommend MUD.

Is this a film about a guy in hiding or is it a dental commercial? Not only was my breach radar going off big time early on in this flick, I felt oddly inadequate with my own yellow-stained choppers.

Written by: Mich Medvedoff


  • Kerry says:

    Huh? McConaughey had some false teeth in, broken and yellow. Some kind of veneers I guess. The biggest breach of reality was how he kept that body so majestically muscled when Mud didn’t have access to a gym. Jeff Nichols said he came straight to Mud from Magic Mike and McConaughey had to take the shirt off – it was a plot point – so he kind of dreaded seeing in what great shape McConaughey was in.

    • ShortScriptGods says:

      You spotted another great breach! Mud certainly didn’t get that bod fishing. As for the yellow veneers, maybe those came later in the film? In the first scene with McC, his teeth are definitely porcelain white, which is one of the reasons why I couldn’t get into the movie and stopped watching.

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