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Right Hand Murch – The Conversations

By February 21, 2016Reviews

Walter Murch Books – The Conversations

When George Lucas and Francis Coppola were in their prime, they both had the same right hand man. Walter Murch. An intellectual, historian, and master of the craft. This is why his book, “The Conversations” remains one of the best Walter Murch books about cinema I’ve ever read.

Walter Murch doesn’t just discuss film editing and sound, but sheds light in the mystery of the medium. Where do movies come from? Why did movies become such a popular art form?

Murch tells us that great sound in movies is like fresh ingredients when you’re cooking a meal. Murch explains why editing standing up (as opposed to sitting down) benefits the movie. Murch credits Beethoven’s music and Gustav Flaubert’s writing for why we accepted movies as a popular art form so quickly.

“The Conversations” is named after the Coppola film, “The Conversation.” The moment Coppola completed shooting this Gene Hackman film noir, he embarked on the production of “The Godfather, Part II” and left the entire post production to Walter Murch. Coppola was nominated for Best Picture for both films that year.

This is one of the most engaging Walter Murch books I’ve ever read. It will completely change how you see movies. You will appreciate the harmony of sight and sound in profound ways. You will be a better filmmaker from having read it, and if you don’t make films, you’ll be a better filmgoer.

Written by: Norith Soth

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