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Schizopolis - The Great Commentaries - Short Script Gods
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Schizopolis – The Great Commentaries

By March 17, 2016Reviews


One of the great losses of DVD (for those of your who still know what they are) are the DVD commentaries. An educationally robust lecture that was in vogue at the height of the DVD market. Sure, they’re still being made, but not as freely and frequently as they were eight years ago.

Among the best was Schizopolis, wherein Steven Soderbergh is interviewed by… Steven Soderbergh. That was not a typo. Soderbergh interviews himself in what is not just a bizarre self-analysis, but a somehow profound keyhole into a fractured Hollywood ego.


The film, “Schizopolis”, is so weird, it’s not even worthy of a logline, but the commentary, that, once more, contains a Hollywood director talking to himself (two varying versions, one egocentric, the other deeply humble) is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard in cinema’s history.

I can’t explain with clarity why… but you learn a lot about Hollywood listening to this, and its funny as hell.

Written by: Norith Soth

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