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I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube! October

By March 30, 2016Reviews

Story: Imagine the Russian Revolution directed by Michael Bay.


Why You Should See It: Seriously, nothing you see has not been deeply influenced by Sergei Eisenstein. Although “October” was made when your grandfather was in diapers, the editing is light years ahead… so far ahead in fact, that if this was not a silent film, or black and white, you could put it on cable right now and it would be superior to anything you’re watching. And I’m talking to those who love cheap entertainment, action films, the next big Hollywood sequel or superhero movie. Check out “October”!


You will be transfixed by the screen (of your tablet). The pyrotechnic editing, bravura camera placement and profound expressions of the actors is very, very modern. I dare you to watch “October” for free and tell me otherwise.

Particularly, the very commercial directors of today know they owe a great deal to the Russian Master. In fact, Orson Welles was a frequent pen pal and changed his entire filmmaking techniques from his correspondence with Eisenstein.


I’ve tried to read his books. Couldn’t make sense out of it. Maybe that’s cinematic blasphemy. But I tell everyone with access to YouTube, “have you seen October? It’s fucking amazing.” No one listens. Not even my girlfriend. Still, I Can’t Believe It’s On YouTube!

Written by: Norith Soth

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