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Breaches of Reality – Schindler’s List

By June 12, 2016Reviews

This one occurs so late in the movie, it doesn’t affect the movie that much. But having gradually become a minor history buff, I can’t help but feel cheated whenever I see Schindler’s Jews being liberated by the Russian Army… consisting of one guy on a donkey!?? Look, I’m American, I dislike Communism, but I dislike very obvious bullshit even more, especially when its posed as history. I hate it even more when its done at the tail of end of an awesome movie, shot in black and white no less. I hated history in high school. But it took me years to realize I actually love history and just don’t like being lied to. And that’s all my history teachers were doing, telling lies to my face.

So the Russian Army consisting of one guy on a donkey is total bullshit, in an otherwise great film. Again, at the end of the film when Schindler’s Jews are waiting to be liberated, while Nazis forces are being shredded on both sides (in the west by the Allied forces and in the East by Russians), their white knight comes in the form of a Russian peasant on a donkey. A UFO or a T-Rex would have been more realistic. We know he didn’t run out of money and if he did, just make some of the crew your Russian soldiers. For the movie that it is, “Schindler’s List” suffer one unforgivable Breach of Reality.

Written by: Norith Soth

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