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I Can’t Believe It’s on YouTube – Malkovich’s Mail

By June 15, 2016Reviews

Story: John Malkovich agrees to mentor several aspiring screenwriters without meeting them.

Why You Should See It:
There’s two reasons why you have to see this.

1) If you’re a screenwriter or aspiring screenwriter. I don’t there’s a book, documentary or movie that speaks more vividly about the aspiring screenwriting experience than this TV pilot (which was aborted after the assembly of this one hour episode).

The Producers choose a variety of screenwriters (meaning, people with regular jobs who think their movie idea is the greatest thing since sliced bread). These folks pitch their ideas, state why their idea is a movie that must be made and implore John Malkovich’s company to produce the movie or help them get it made.

In each case, the screenwriter is hellbent in their belief that they’ve come up with the most original thing in Hollywood history. John Malkovich pops up once in a while to comment on these stories, to his credit, in the most non-judgemental way possible.

If you write screenplays, this TV pilot is your worse nightmare… and its reality. This one hour special is the thing anyone who dreams of writing screenplays must watch before they hit the keyboard.

2) If you love John Malkovich or “Being John Malkovich,” this doc is so Malkovich you will appreciate the shit out of it. The finale is mind blowing. What John Malkovich does for these dreamers is beyond words, even as he emphasizes that he, Malkovich, is the same person… in the position of begging the man in the castle to get a movie made. This is reality TV in its highest form. This is Hollywood in its barest form.

If you’re Malkovich fan or dream of being a screenwriter, watch this program that should not exist, let alone be on YouTube.

Written by: Norith Soth

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