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Sequels that Should Exist - GlenGarry Part II - Short Script Gods
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Sequels that Should Exist – GlenGarry Part II


There are now 18 sequels for the year and many, many more to come. They aren’t bringing in money in 2016, but maybe it’s not their fault. Maybe its the movies Hollywood chooses to sequelize. After all, “The Godfather, Part II,” “The Color of Money” and “Before Sunset” are wonderful sequels. Maybe its the movies they choose to sequelize that’s the problem. What if there was…



The only person no longer around is Jack Lemon, but he was up shit creek by the end of the first anyway. Pacino, Spacey, Arkin, Ed Harris and even Jonathan Pryce are still around. Imagine what these guys would do today, how impossible it would be to run their bullshit Rio Rancho business. But who cares about their jobs. We just want to hear these guys insult the living shit out of each other some more.


Alec Baldwin played arguably the greatest cameo in movie history, somehow stealing the show from Lemon and Pacino (who were both amazing). We want all these guys back, either in some shit hole office, homeless shelter or retirement home. “I don’t care who’s grandson you are, what shriveled dick you’re sucking on…” and so on and so forth. I’d see that.

Written by: Norith Soth

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