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By July 7, 2016Reviews


I read this book long ago, but recall rarely putting it down. Aaaah, the story of Jon Peters and Peter Guber, the super producers who were paid a pyramid of money to run Sony Pictures for about a year when it was purchased by the Japanese.


Once the two hottest producers in Hollywood, Guber-Peters produced megahits like “Batman” and “Flashdance,” they were lured to run their own studio by the 90s. Problem was they were under contract to Warner Bros, and in the middle of producing films, such as the very anticipated “The Bonfire of the Vanities.” The Japanese paid a killing to extract these guys, they wanted the best to run their first Hollywood studio asap. The price of this impatience was Fort Knox-eske.

The super producers rarely produced anything in their short tenure, despite flying around in their private jets, making sure the horticulture at Sony was a Garden of Eden (the flowers were replenished daily) and the company buffet was always top of the line (expense was never spared for top of the line sushi and cold cuts; man, I wish I worked there). Read about how Guber-Peters essentially transformed Sony Studios into a Vegas style hotel that basically incurred a National Style Debt and barely trickled any movies. Read about the kind of world you’re getting into if you dream of working in the industry, baby.

Written by: Norith Soth

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