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True Diary of: Travis Bickle

By August 16, 2016Cinema Satire


Sarajevo Film Festival; August 12th, 2016

Listen up you fuckers, you screw offs and faggots… 40 years ago I told you that a heavy rain would fall, did I not? Only you were too blindsided to listen. Yeah, well I blindsided you now, didn’t I? Loneliness has stalked me like a wolf, my entire life… Forever I’ve been in it’s shadow cast. In a cafe. On the sidewalk. In a movie theater – surrounded by people, but Travis Bickle was always alone. Until now…

Divided I stand. Do you see you fuckers? Bickle’s day has come.

On the streets of Sarajevo, my tribe has risen to recognize one and the same. A fallen angel, like themselves.


Travis Bickle earns a lifetime achievement award at Sarajevo’s film festival. My patience, lonely in waiting has finally paid off. In this city of ghosts, of bullet-riddled buildings and broken dreams, are a fleet of over 300 taxi drivers – these people understand me. They put Travis Bickle posters in their homes on wheels. Their cabs.

Yeah, that hard rain finally came down and washed the city streets clean, didn’t it shitheads?

Divided I stand, United we rise.

It’s Bickle’s time to shine.

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