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I Can't Believe It's On YouTube - Donald Trumps's The Wall - Short Script Gods
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I Can’t Believe It’s On YouTube – Donald Trumps’s The Wall

By December 2, 2016Reviews

Story: The Rise and Rise of America’s most famous rich man… all the way to the highest office on Earth.


Why You Should See It: This is not a political blog. There’s no more Hillary or Donald debates now, the smoke has cleared, Hillary supporters can talk about how great she would have made the world we live in, etc, but this is not going to happen, much to the great relief of most Republicans. Now, we are all in the same boat. This guy is our next Commander In Chief. Donald Trump is America’s face. But can you honestly say that – love him or hate him – you know who he is?


Beyond being a very famous rich guy who’s had his own hit show, appeared in many movies, and has appeared in magazines and newspapers almost daily for the last three decades, do you actually know who this man is? Whoever edited together “Donald Trump’s The Wall” spent a lot of time compiling the “best of” Trump in this – basically -one hour music video about Donald J Trump. It’s very light on dialogue, but hugely saturated with images from the 80s all the way up till now of Trump, Trump, Trump. Living large, building, demolishing, his name in lights everywhere, amongst beautiful women, mired in bankruptcy and divorce proceedings, slapping someone in a WWE exhibit, running for the Republican ticket, crushing all his opponents with ease and extremity, vowing The Wall, war with Iran, that he’ll be God someday and also vowing he’ll be the greatest President in the history of Presidents.

“Donald Trump’s The Wall” is beautifully edited. At once, a Michael Bay style movie with Martin Scorsese-like gut-punching depth, this piece is a great example of montage. You can show this thing in a film class and teach students how cinema works. Whoever put this together is very skilled and adept and I wonder if it’s a known filmmaker or filmmakers.


Probably the best thing I’ve seen on YouTube (created for YouTube), “Donald Trump’s The Wall” should be seen by everyone on Earth. Each Pink Floyd song is employed with pinprick images and nuanced sound bytes. In my opinion, stronger and richer than the Alan Parker movie. Trump’s life and accomplishments ascends Pink Floyd’s music to another level. Watch it and watch it again. This man is your new God. Refuse to worship him at your own risk. I Can”t Believe It’s on Youtube.

Written by: Norith Soth

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