What three things do you need to make a great film? “The script, the script, and the script.”

Alfred Hitchcock knew what he was talking about when he listed his recipe on how make a killer flick. And so do we. Screenwriting is our specialty, who are we?

Norith Soth has clocked in 20,000 hours of screenwriting.  He has written for numerous producers and directors, including Justin Lin (“Fast Five”, “Tokyo Drift”), Stephen Chin (“Gummo”, “Play It to The Bone”), and Brad Miska (“V/H/S”, “V/H/S 2”). Soth has also written a screenwriting book called, “Cut the Eyeball”, available on Amazon.

Mich Medvedoff has written scripts right out of UCLA, where she graduated in 2002. Her first collaboration with Soth, “Halfs” was optioned by Cherry Sky Films (“Dirty Girl”, “Better Luck Tomorrow”). Recently, they had two scripts optioned by 77 Films (“The Power of Few”, “The Tell-Tale Heart”). The duo writes scripts that are optioned, sold, or shopped around by producers.

They not only have 6 projects in development, they have produced and directed shorts, documentaries, and features (“The Wife Master“, “Face“, and “Nicodemus”).  Every facet of movie-making is in their blood.  From the towers of Hollywood, to the condos of indie, to the back alleys of micro-budget. They understand the mine fields of screenwriting like the back of their hands (which they stare at all the time because they’re always writing).

In 2013, they were asked to write numerous short scripts for student filmmakers. The directors were very pleased and inspired by the writing. Soth & Medvedoff found the experiences so rewarding, they decided to launch this site for filmmakers seeking professional screenwriters.

The only reason to contact them: if you want a top-notch script!