Short Scripts Condition A

$ 300

baseline“I dunno what I want to make… But I know I can direct one hell of a movie!”

SSG: Discussions with the Gods will reveal what inspires you, what you want to say. The Gods will transform this into screenplay form. This screenplay is your blueprint to demonstrate what you always knew you could do… direct one hell of a movie!

Short Scripts Condition BMost Popular

$ 300

baseline“I have an idea… but I don’t want to write.”

SSG: No problem. We’ll squeeze your vision like a lemon, creating nectar of the Gods in screenplay form.

Short Script Condition C

$ 200

baseline“I have a script. But it’s missing something…”

SSG: The Gods will rewrite your script to transcendence, or provide you with a beat sheet so YOU can!

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We can assist with all of your short media projects!

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$ varies

per project
  • Reach your audience
  • Market your brand
  • App tutorials
  • Explainers
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$ varies

per project
  • World design
  • Narrative maps
  • Gameplay rules
  • Character arcs
  • Dialogue
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$ varies

per project
  • Theme
  • Interview questions
  • Story outline
  • Paper edit
  • Film editing
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Video Scripts

$ varies

per project
  • Online Courses
  • Website tours
  • Product tours
  • Webinars
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Brand Story

$ varies

per project
  • About pages
  • Brand bios
  • Landing pages
  • Mission statements
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Are these the only offerings?

Absolutely not! In our collective 40-years of writing, we’ve worked on too many projects to list. Contact us to discuss your needs and we can hammer out a deal.