What three things do you need to make a great film? “The script, the script, and the script.”

Alfred Hitchcock knew what he was talking about when he listed his recipe on how make a killer flick. And so do we. Screenwriting is our specialty, who are we?

Start Short, Grow Tall

What do Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, and Martin Scorsese have in common? They began their careers making short films.

What does a great short film do?

1) Grabs attention

2) Creates an emotion

3) Leaves viewers with a story they can’t stop thinking about for days

The harmony of these three elements is called a GREAT SHORT SCRIPT.

Problem. You can’t write.

Guess what? Many great directors can’t either. Ridley Scott, David Fincher, and Alfred Hitchcock never wrote a screenplay in their brilliant lives.

How did they bypass this obstacle?

They had their visions translated into screenplay form by a professional screenwriter; or a person the studios pay 6 figures to hone big ideas into three act structures.

You too have an idea, an inspiration, a vision… if only these ideas were a taut 10-15 pages of vibrant characters, juicy dialogue, and visual perfection. You can then begin the process of shooting your masterpiece.

If only, like David Fincher, you too could hire a pro to convert your inspiration into a cinematic blue print…

Well, your prayer has been answered.

You can hire a pro.

We’re the Short Script Gods.

Professional screenwriters who specialize in the short film format. We do not charge 6 figures. We will write your accolade-winning short that will have everyone seeing you the way you always saw yourself – as the next Paul Thomas Anderson, Kathryn Bigelow or Steven Spielberg (all three also began their careers with a short).

What is Short Media?

The Short Script Gods Definition

Since we painted on cave walls, humans craved stories. And in our experience, what most media consumers crave – and what we focus on here at Short Script Gods – is the following:

As attention spans shrink and audiences need for instant gratification increases, entertainment will become increasingly, well – short!

In other words, short films – what blank calls short TV – will gradually become the mainstay, where audiences consume short media in greater volume. And at Short Script Gods – this is our specialty. Packaging a satisfying story within a small package, whether that be a short film, product or service tutorial, eCourse, tour, videogame, app, etc.

Because the world has always needed Stories, and will continue to need Stories – only… shorter!


Why Story? Because stories are about People and their Problems.

Filmmaker? Perhaps you’re looking for a short script to direct.


Whether you’re an independent filmmaker looking for a riveting story to direct or an entrepreneur who seeks to snag potential customers – it’s all the same.

People and their Problems.

Audiences – both entertainment and consumers – enjoy when the protagonist has a problem that is solved, whether it be a fictional tale or a

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