Eureka! One night, it hits you. You have the perfect movie idea.


You see it all… The world, the good guys, the bad guys, what people wear, what people eat, drink, it is a series of images that obsesses you for days. Enough days where you tell yourself, alright, its time to present to the people who buy ideas and make them into movies.

You learn that the accepted form of a movie idea is in the form of a screenplay. A strange looking document that is the blueprint of the production. People – professional people – make these blueprints and sell them to Hollywood studios.

So, your next steps are:

  • a) to convert your amazing idea into a screenplay, then
  • b) sell this screenplay to Hollywood, where
  • c) your idea flourishes into a 100 million dollar production and you can quit your crappy job and just furnish Hollywood with more inspirations.

First things first.


You must learn how to write a movie script. You’ve been watching movies your entire life. What’s so hard about “writing a screenplay” or “movie scripts” or whatever they call it?

  1. First problem. Yes, you’ve been writing since grade school, but these screenplays are so darned unnatural. Nothing like the cute essays or short stories you once wrote (and were highly praised for). Not only is the format super bizarre (seriously, it feels like you’re writing poems on tax forms). Fortunately, examples of screenplays are at the tip of your fingers. Meaning, the thousands of free screenplays online. The wealth of screenplays online is like the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” a virtual warehouse with blueprints of every movie you’ve ever heard of. Available to you. For free!
  2. Second problem. No matter how many of these professional scripts you read, it doesn’t get you any closer to understanding the act of screenwriting. How can you take the vision in your head into this bizarre format. Sure, there’s hardly any space on the page, but how can anyone tell a story like this?
  3. Third problem. It dawns on you, this screenwriting is harder than it looks, despite all the friendly screenwriter software available? Maybe you can learn how to do it, but like playing the piano, it could take a long time to get good at it. So, how will you reach your first screenplay success now?

Second Eureka! You hire a screenwriter!


Just like you would hire a plumber or take your car to your mechanic, you hire a screenwriter. Since that is a specialty. And yes, Script Writers for Hire are available.

If you’re super wealthy, you can contact your favorite screenwriter’s agent and negotiate the script writer’s salary. Find out who represents them by going on IMDB or IMDB Pro. The representative’s information is always available.

If you’re more in the middle class range, you can go on various sites like Guru, Upwork or even our site, Short Script Gods. Once you find the script writer most suited for you project, you find the screenwriter for hire agreement that best suits your budget.

Generally, the script writers for hire on these sites can work for your salary, but the higher quality writers will ask for a percentage off the back end. The higher your budget, the less the professional screenwriter will ask for.

For example, if you were to hire a plumber to fix your house before you sell it, but let’s say, you can’t afford his normal fee, you might offer the plumber a percentage of your sale, or a fixed deferred payment for when you sell the property.

And that’s how you have to look at your screenplay, a property (that’s how it’s labeled in all contracts).

If your budget is dirt low, and I mean poverty level, yet your idea is that good, you may be able to hire a professional screenwriter on your low budget. But expect to share a huge stake of your screenplay if you want the script writer for hire to put his or her heart into it. The work is not easy, as you have learned yourself.

And there you have it. You can have a brilliant idea and script writers for hire to take it to the next level. I have certainly partaken in this endeavor and even shopped scripts I was hired to write in Hollywood. That is, if I agreed that the idea was as good as the client said. Sometimes they were.

Written by: Norith Soth