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Breaches of Reality – Breaking Bad

By February 10, 2016Script Advice

Breaches of Reality – Breaking Bad

In the very last episode of “Breaking Bad,” Walter White gets his revenge on the bikers that stole like $100 million of his hard earned money. Walter White somehow manages to penetrate the biker compound and kill every single biker.


My question is, if you had $100 million, would you still live in this ugly, depressing, men-only biker compound in New Mexico? No, of course not. That would be…

… a breach of reality!

These guys had enough money to buy a small country, and yet, their compound looks exactly the same, and their friends are exactly the same, and their bikes look exactly the same. On top of that, they’ve enslaved Jesse Pinkman to create the world’s greatest Crystal Meth, so they’re earning more millions. They are so wealthy, they could fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

So when these guys were too stupid to spend their loot on a new place, a decent alarm system, biker chicks, and virtually anything money can by, I was like, “you deserve to die horrible deaths.”

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Written by: Norith Soth

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