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Breaches of Reality - Hannah and her Sisters - Short Script Gods
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Breaches of Reality – Hannah and her Sisters

By February 18, 2016Script Advice

Breaches of Reality – Hannah and her Sisters


Woody Allen takes a coked-out Dianne Wiest on a date to a see a punk band. He says, when they’re done with the show, the band is going to take hostages. Funny, and that’s the reason you kind of let it go. Because Woody is in the middle of directing and acting in one of his greatest films. But its still…


That’s a punk club??? Really.


Everyone is sitting down… like stationary… meaning, where’s the mosh pit? I wasn’t into punk, but my best friend was. So, he sometimes would talk me into going to mosh pits with him. And it looks and sounds nothing like the club in “Hannah and Her Sisters”.

And get this: this club was actually the famed NY hardcore punk club CBGB. Although Woody is a great writer, how MUCH BETTER would he be if understood a fraction of the outside world outside his bubble? Everyone is sitting around in tables as if it’s a poetry reading, exemplifying those strange times Woody Allen breaches reality and just doesn’t give a shit.

Of course, I wouldn’t either, if my films were pre-financed and every actor in Hollywood was begging to be in them. Woody, that ain’t no punk club.

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Written by: Norith Soth

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