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I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube! My Bodyguard

By March 3, 2016Reviews

I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube! My Bodyguard

Story: The new kid at school refuses to be picked on by the school yard bully by enlisting the help of a crazy kid, who becomes his bodyguard.

Why You Should See It: Matt Dillon plays the sinewy, smart alecky bad guy. Adam Baldwin (“Animal Mother” from “Full Metal Jacket”) plays the crazy guy who becomes the bodyguard of the new kid.


The boy who plays the kid, I don’t I’ve ever seen him before, but he’s really good. You root for him. He stands up for himself. He lives in a big hotel, which his father runs. He has no real home, and barely has a family, unless you count his slutty grandmother, Ruth Gordon, who tries to pick up all the men at the hotel, jeopardizing her son’s job as the hotel manager.

The bodyguard is the brother the boy always wanted. There’s an urban legend that the bodyguard killed his younger brother.


What’s interesting about this film, directed by Tony Bill (“Untamed Heart”) is you see its influence on many films thereafter, especially “The Karate Kid” a few years later. Also, and I’ve never seen this before, the bully is sort of small for a bully. Adam Baldwin is twice the size of Matt Dillon, but yet is afraid to fight him. There’s an interesting theme about how the “alpha” isn’t about size, but attitude.


This story about facing your bully is not the kind of thing you would see today, in an era where bullies are being categorized as bad for society. The message in this film is powerful, uplifting and cathartic. You can never run away from the bully of life. You must face him if you want to evolve. Every kid (and that means most adults today) should watch this movie. I Can’t Believe It’s On YouTube.

Written by: Norith Soth

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