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Industry News-y News for August 1st – August 5th



Lakeshore Entertainment acquires rom-com spec THE WEDDING YEAR: About a female millennial who isn’t sure she is the marrying type and has her relationship and commitment issues put to the test when she is invited to 15 weddings in the same year.
Written by: “Community” writer Donald Diego.


STX Entertainment nabs action spec RED WIDOW: About a female super-spy who traded in her legendary career for a normal life eight years earlier and went completely off the grid. Forced back into action after a rogue special ops team murders her husband, she embarks on a bloody quest for vengeance that leads to the highest rungs of government.
Written by: Matthew Altman



1984’s SPLASH starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah has a remake in the works, said to be a role reversal. So…. it’s about a merman. Okay.


1988’s PUMPKINHEAD is in the works, no word on plot details yet.


Another 1988 flick, DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDREL’S starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine will be remade. This time, a gender reversal with Rebel Wilson to star and Black List’s Jac Schaeffer to scribe.

The original 1988 logline: Two con men try to settle their rivalry by betting on who can swindle a young American heiress out of $50,000 first.

$50,000 sounds almost innocent by 2016 standards, wonder what the amount will be?

Another LITTLE WOMEN is in the works, with Greta Gerwig to rewrite Sony Picture’s/Sarah Polley’s 2013 script.

What we’ve learned this week? Try gender-bending an old idea and perhaps you’ll get a sale.

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