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Breach of Reality – The Holiday

By December 21, 2016Script Advice

There are many elements of Nancy Meyer’s bizarre fantasy, THE HOLIDAY, that could be misconstrued as breaches of reality. Both Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz are as desperate to get laid as regulars at ComiCon. The two blondes are so frantically determined to “get some” that they decide to trade houses for Christmas. Diaz lives in LA, Winslet in a small town in England.

Winslet plays the extra bold one, falling not only for Jack Black who already has a girlfriend, but Eli Wallach (yes, the Ugly from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly), a man with a walker, who’s nearly 100 years old (and she has to work really hard to seduce both).

And then, there’s the guy in England Winslet has been in love with for years, the man she is escaping from since their love is “unrequited.” None other than Dark City’s Ruffus Sewell. Perhaps, the most insectile, Kafka-esque love interest in the history of movies.

While Diaz is not as sad as Winslet, she will jump in bed with literally anything that moves. This comes in the form of Jude Law. But, it could have been John Goodman or Michael Moore or even Donald Trump. There is, of course, Diaz’ decision to hightail for Great Britain of all places for Christmas, instead of Bora Bora or some exotic island, since she’s wealthy and can basically go anywhere on Earth. Therefore, the cost-saving action of trading houses doesn’t mean shit to her. She decides on cold, dreary, vitamin D-less England for no logical reason.

Still, everything I’ve listed is not a breach of reality. While two Hollywood startlets at the top of their game would never, ever, ever be in this position, its kind of endearing and cute to inject these kinds of desperate needs into the two blondes. That is the magic of Nancy Meyers (What Women Want, Something’s Gotta Give). The breach that jumped out of nowhere had to do with Jude Law being a – SPOILER ALERT – widower with two little girls. It’s not that he’s a widower or that he’s a Dad… it’s that Jude had two one night stands with Diaz, admittedly likes to go to bars and get so hammered, he sometimes spends that night at his sister’s house, yet he has two girls at home? These children literally emerged out of nowhere.

Jude was portrayed as a ladies man, Casanova, barfly type… and suddenly, out of the blue, he has two little girls. If the guy ever spent the night away from home, the children are incredibly forgiving about it. Of course, these girls are as desperate for a mother as Diaz and Winslet are for a man, but I digress. A widower would not leave two little girls at home… TWICE… while he was getting some, and if he did, he would not be in the good graces of his children (from the experience of being single parented myself, I can testify to that). Nancy Meyers just go too greedy here, pushing the message of maternity, the magic of children, the need for family — which is fine. Jude Law as a widower was just a little much of a stretch.

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Written by: Norith Soth

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