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Book Review – The Art of Seduction

By February 18, 2017Reviews

For the first time, I’m recommending a non-film book as a book that anyone trying to break into the film industry should read. Like now. Robert Greene, the 48 Laws of Power maestro, a man who for years tried to break into Hollywood as a screenwriter, authored this book about seducing.

If you were to grab this at the book store or library, you may misunderstand it as a how to get laid pamphlet. It is that, but it’s so much more.

As a young man, I used to go to meetings thinking, what can this person do for my career. I had it all wrong. The way to succeed in Hollywood falls on the old law of supply and demand. You find out what they want and you provide it. You figure where there’s a need and you provide it. If you’re very powerful, you create a need… and you fill it. It is counter to how many of us narcissistic folks think. You have to think, how can I give them what they want. Whether its a studio executive you’re meeting, a director you admire or the audience you’re writing for.

This is, after all, the entertainment industry.

Forget Hitchcock-Truffaut, Adventures in the Screen Trade or Easy Riders, Raging Bulls… you’ll learn much more reading The Art of Seduction which breaks down Seducing types, victims, and even anti-seducers.

Since you were an infant, you were seduced by your parents and you had to learn how to seduce them or face darkness and hunger. That hasn’t stopped. The parents have only changed roles, now in the form of the power elite of Hollywood. I recommend not even reading this book, but getting the audio version and listening to it until you’re blue in the face. The knowledge you’ll absorb will be priceless. Even after having read this book twice, I still had problems extracting its lessons. I had to start listening to it in my car, at the post office, in line at the bank, supermarket, literally any time there was down time. I now see Hollywood completely differently. I now see myself completely differently. I wish I started this new state earlier, in which I enter a room focused on what I can provide for others. You want to penetrate the fortress of Hollywood, trust me, learn this shit by heart.

Written by: Norith Soth

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