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I Can’t Believe it’s on YouTube – Real Men

By August 7, 2017Reviews

I Can’t Believe It’s On YouTube! REAL MEN

Story: An ordinary father is recruited by a government agent to negotiate with extra terrestrials.


Why You Should See It: This is not only one of the weirdest movies I’ve even seen made by a studio, but it is also never spoken about. Even in a bad way. I’ve probably had a conversation about every movie I’ve ever seen except for “Real Men.”

John Ritter is at the top of his game with his trademark incredulous expressions, playing a Dad who is pushed over in every imaginable way. His neighbors steal his son’s bike. His wife is sleeping with the milk man. Nobody respects this guy, not even himself.

James Belushi is also at his height, with excellent comic timing, no matter how bizarre the movie gets. He’s not annoying like he can be. He is appointed the impossible task of building Ritter’s confidence in less than a week, before the big alien negotiation.

Don’t ask me why Ritter has to be the guy to talk to the aliens. This is an 80s film. Everyone was likely coked out of their minds when they engaged in this super odd production. Although its supposed to be funny, it’s actually not. It’s just plain weird. Even though the body count is high (people drop dead relentlessly), “Real Men” maintains a lighthearted touch. This film is so uneven, baffling, and dreamlike, it reminds me of a Hong Kong film or even a Stephen Chow film.


When I was a depressed teenager, I would catch “Real Men” on cable and my mood would change. I’d feel like life was worth living, at least for another day. That, I can’t explain either. The movie just made me feel good.

The lesson to learn from “Real Mean” is that EVERY MOVIE is weird. “Real Men” just acknowledges its own “weirdness” generally through Ritter, who appears like a man who walked inside a movie and has no idea what’s going on. But if you study any film closely, they’re all this bizarre and dream-like. The great ones are just good at hiding it. I Can’t Believe It’s On YouTube.

Written by: Norith Soth

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