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A biopic based on Cap’n Crunch, né Horatio Magellan Crunch, may be coming down the pipes.
Spring-boarding off of the success of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, Hollywood is circling around the famed breakfast cereal mascot. Explains one executive, “Cap’n Crunch is a much beloved icon of American breakfast tables, nooks, and bars. It is the studio’s conviction that there is a place for this hallowed personage in cinema as well, joining the ranks of other swashbucklers Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow.”
captain-crunch Captain_Sparrow_Depp
Many insist the endearing and delicious breakfast cereal mascot has “star vehicle” all over it. Rumor has it, the film is in pre-production, with Johnny Depp playing the King of Crunch. Fans of “Pirates” hope Depp will implement his rock-star interpretation of Sparrow to Mr. Crunch. 


What do you think? Is Cap’n Crunch the next star vehicle for Depp? Do you see a “Dead Man’s Bowl” or “Curse of the Yellow Kernel” coming soon??? And while you’re at it, consider these other possible flicks in the works…