Why Short Media?

Since ancient times, humans have gathered around the campfire and put aside the banalities of the day to unleash their imaginations. They told stories. Storytelling may have been an evolutionary means for our survival. We’ve learned to weave facts into narrative to more effectively engage the listener. In the old days the species is less likely to survive if you said, “avoid that cave, a dangerous animal lives there.” If instead, you wrapped a story around the facts and said, “Once upon a time, my uncle entered the cave and was mauled by a ferocious beast who bit massive chunks out of his flesh. My uncle died so don’t go in there.”

Although we may not sit around the campfire telling stories, our attention is pulled to the electronic glow of our devices. There’s a deluge of noise fighting for our attention, and while we will always crave stories, media will become increasingly, well – short!

Co-Founder of DreamWorks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg, calls short media “New TV.” He says New TV will gradually become the mainstay, where audiences consume short media in greater volume.

Let us ask you…

Is your script, doc, video game, app tutorial, product video, webinar, eCourse, any copy promoting your brand, product or service, an entertaining story in itself? Does it belong to a new chapter in human story evolution?

At Short Script Gods – New TV is our specialty.

Our team has a background in screenwriting (Universal, Ambi), marketing (Toyota, Bank of America), and evolutionary anthropology.

From films and documentaries, to brand stories and commercials – we believe every facet of entertainment, including marketing and promotion must engage through story.

Our mission is to weave a satisfying story in every project, whether that be a short film, product or service tutorial, eCourse, tour, videogame, or app

If you want to GRIP your audiences? You do that through STORY.

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