Holdup… Could The Rock be Jolly Green Giant?

HO HO HO! Coming right at you is a possible OWA from Sony and General Mills. The chosen scribe will pen the “Jolly Green Giant” origin story.

Did someone say “attachments“? Ho, ho, ho, hells yeah! The Rock / Dwayne Johnson bagged the lead role as the J.G.G., leaving many top action stars green with envy. Director Ang Lee (“Hulk”, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”), is said to have abandoned “Brokeback Mountain 2” for this sure-to-be delicious cinematic t.v. dinner.


You tell us? Is this the case of mascot gone movie? Will we FINALLY learn the origins of America’s favorite giant before he found success in frozen peas?

If this is a “green” light project, then this feature will certainly blow up more than your microwave.